Fakewhale Newsletter Issue #9

Discover "Mens Simulata": a Fakewhale Solo Series by Ganbrood


Welcome to issue #9 of the Fakewhale Newsletter!

This week is all about the upcoming Fakewhale Solo Series by Ganbrood — “Mens Simulata.”

Going live this Wednesday at 4 pm CEST on objkt.com, “Mens Simulata” exemplifies Ganbrood’s distinctive approach to digital art, seamlessly blending photographic realism with mythological themes, creating a framework where technology enhances artistic expression and enables viewers to engage deeply with the nuanced interplay between reality and imagination — ultimately inviting them to partake in completing the artistic narrative.

Mens Simulata by Ganbrood, installation view

Shaped by a multifaceted background encompassing special effects, 3D animation, video game development, and photography, Ganbrood has consistently explored visual narratives that blur the lines between reality and illusion. Since 2019, he has embraced Synthetic Image Generation via Machine Algorithms as his preferred medium for artistic expression.

The release will consist of two artworks and will follow these dynamics:

  • The Phantasmal Pantheon of Elysium's Simulacrum - 1/1 - English Auction - Reserve price starts at 1500 xtz

  • Obfuscated Ascent of Ilium’s Fabricated Mind - 64/64 Editions - 40 xtz

To learn more about the release, read the full curatorial article ⬇️

Last week we officially announced the expansion of the ART MARKET format on ETH with a major launch on Foundation. Artist or collector? Tag your favorite artists in the comments of the post below or apply yourself to feature your art. The open call closes on July 9th.

In the meantime, the ART MARKET on objkt continues, so be sure to check in to not miss out on any art!


Discover FAKEWHALE STUDIO — a research project focused on the use of artificial intelligence and other technological media to explore the relationship and potential between image and artistic representation.

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That’s a wrap for this week’s issue of the Fakewhale Newsletter, be sure to check in for the next one for more insights into the Fakewhale ecosystem.