Fakewhale Newsletter Issue #8

Explore the latest happenings in the Fakewhale ecosystem


Welcome to issue #8 of the Fakewhale Newsletter!

In this issue, we continue to share the views from the recent press showcases curated by Fakewhale at the WUF press event in Basel, including a special interview with featured contemporary artist Christian Holze and our weekly ART MARKET recap.


Last week, we began sharing views of the press showcases curated by Fakewhale at WUF Basel on June 11-12. Continue to explore the showcases:

Over the weekend, the last pieces of “Tangle”, one of the works part of A.L. Crego’s Fakewhale Solo Series “Vantalight” sold out on primary.

Tangle, Vantalight, A.L. Crego, Fakewhale Solo Series, April 2024

Last week saw many new gems in the ART MARKET. Tune into our weekly ART MARKET recap to not miss out on any.


Christian Holze is a contemporary artist who merges technology and art, with a specific focus on sculpture and its relationship with digital imagery. After starting as a technical draftsman, he discovered the potential of digital creation, initiating a dialogue between the tangible and the virtual — A journey he shares with us in the following interview.


That concludes this week’s issue, but make sure to keep an eye out for your inbox as we share a major announcement next week!