Fakewhale Newsletter Issue #6

This week Fakewhale presents a series of curated press showcases at WUF Basel


Welcome to issue #6 of the Fakewhale Newsletter!

As curatorial partners for WUF's press-only event taking place at Bar Rouge, Basel, on June 11-12, in this issue we are proud to present a selection of artists who are shaping contemporary creative culture, soon to be featured as part of our dedicated press showcases curated for the occasion.


On June 11-12 WUF will be hosting an invite-only event for the press at Bar Rouge, Messepl. 10 Basel — an event that acts as a premier resource for leading media outlets to access a carefully curated selection of projects spotlighting top artists, curators, creators, and trends from around the globe.

In the following article, we give a comprehensive overview of the event:

As curatorial partners, Fakewhale has selected artists who stand out for their innovative contributions to contemporary creative culture to be presented within a series of press showcases ranging from the digital to contemporary art scenes, each designed to communicate each of their unique conceptual frameworks.

Among the press showcases curated by Fakewhale, there will be a series of solo formats spotlighting some of the leading voices in the digital art scene: Joe Pease, Ana Maria Caballero,  Leander Herzog and P1xelfool who will unveil a special collection soon to be released in collaboration with Fakewhale and objkt.com.

As well as “REFLECTIONS”—a collective press showcase that unites influential contemporary artists. This showcase broadens the conversation initiated by the solo press showcases, presenting a diverse array of artists who bridge digital technology with traditional art forms, underscoring the dynamic evolution of contemporary art in the digital age.

This collective press showcase brings together a diverse group of contemporary artists, including Léo Fourdrinier, Nicolas Lamas, Mit Borras, Christian Holze, Huber Huber, Manor Grünewald, Julien Quentel, Erris Huigens, Lolo y Sosaku, Hanna Antonsson Hermes, Léa de Cacqueray, Alice Gong Xiaowen, and Emmanuel Van der Auwera.

Over the weekend Vidal Herrera’s 1/1 Through Death You Can Not Be Alone part of the Fakewhale Solo Series ‘A Symbol at the Surface’ was collected on primary for 450 xtz.

Explore the remaining editions of No End to This Illusion and delve into all the solo series exhibitions featured within the Fakewhale Gallery over the past months showcasing Scerbo, Lola Dupre, A.L. Crego, Woc, Jesse Draxler, Lorna Mills, Chepertom, and Gary Edward Blum.

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In a world increasingly obsessed with the personal, with every detail of life documented and displayed, Brown’s choice to remain a shadow figure is both a radical act and a statement. What does it mean to encounter an artist solely through the absence they orchestrate? How does one navigate the void left by their deliberate withdrawal? This article seeks to unravel the mystery of Stanley Brown, delving into the spaces between the seen and the unseen, the known and the unknowable.


That concludes issue #6, be sure to watch your inbox for the next issue of the Fakewhale newsletter next week!