Fakewhale Newsletter Issue #4

In this week's edition we revisit the latest Fakewhale Solo Series “Persistence of Form” by Gary Edward Blum, featured last week, and this week’s upcoming “A Symbol at the Surface” by Vidal Herrera


Welcome to issue #4 of the Fakewhale Newsletter!

In this week's edition, we revisit the latest Fakewhale Solo Series “Persistence of Form” by Gary Edward Blum, featured last week, and this week’s upcoming “A Symbol at the Surface” by Vidal Herrera, set to launch tomorrow. Not to mention the latest from the ART MARKET and FW LOG media coverage.

May 22nd saw the release of Gary Edward Blum’s Fakewhale Solo Series “Persistence of Form”: a release capturing Gary’s ongoing exploration into the dynamic tension between creation and destruction, a theme that resonates deeply across two distinctive photographic works — where each creation both emerges from and reshapes the remnants of the past.

The series featured two main photographic works, each with its unique release dynamics

  • "ALL I'VE EVER KNOWN" consisting of a 1/1 24-hour auction, starting at 1,000 xtz, with the highest bidder receiving a signed and stamped print.

  • "HALF CAUGHT MEMORY", an 24-hour Open Edition with 51 minted total by the end of this minting window.

The starting bid for ALL I’VE EVER KNOWN has yet to be placed. We would like to remind collectors that in addition to acquiring the 1/1, the highest bidder will receive a signed and stamped print, dimensions 16.5 x 22.5 inches.

ALL I'VE EVER KNOWN, Gary Edward Blum, Installation View

Discover the work now 🔗

Tomorrow, May 29th, Fakewhale Solo Series presents “A Symbol at the Surface” by Vidal Herrera.

A Symbol at the Surface, Vidal Herrera, Installation View

In “A Symbol at the Surface” Herrera inquires even further into the subject matter that resonates from his subconscious, particularly when it comes to exploring the complex relationship between human psychology and abstract symbolism.

The series presents two works of art, each confronting the themes of permanence and the ephemeral, existence and void, through Herrera’s distinctive lens of digital surrealism.

  • Through Death You Can Not Be Alone – 1/1 – available at 450 xtz

  • No End to This Illusion – 15/15 – available at 25 xtz

Read an in-depth coverage on the release before it goes live tomorrow at 4 pm CEST / 10 am EST.

Both works — two 1/1s — are still available on primary!

Learn more about the release before of its official debut tomorrow!

Browse through the works from last week’s ART MARKET to not miss out on any gems.

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Submit your work through our Open Call, live until Thursday, May 30th at 15:30 CEST.


FW LOG is a curated media platform investigating the junction point between technology and art. It provides in-depth insights through the Fakewhale ecosystem, featuring the latest industry news, comprehensive curation, interviews, show spotlights and trends shaping tomorrow’s art market.


Johannes Thiel is an artist and designer working in a variety of media, from sculptures and installations to digital works in sound, graphics and renderings. His interests range from computer-generated organic forms and futurisitc bodies to rigid technical constructions. In this brief interview, Fakewhale has decided to engage in a conversation with Johannes to explore and share intriguing aspects of his work.


In recent years, the concept of sculpture has undergone significant transformations, influenced by a rich history of experimental contemporary movements and radical curatorial practices. Fast forward to today, and sculpture is no longer confined to traditional materials and forms. It has expanded to include digital technologies, site-specific installations, and interactive environments. This broader perspective challenges viewers to interact with art in dynamic and often unexpected ways, reflecting and responding to the complexities of contemporary visual references.

In the following article we have identified five main artists who participate in and interpret this subtle formal revolution that characterizes contemporary sculpture.


That concludes this week’s newsletter. Stay tuned for more updates next week!