Fakewhale Newsletter Issue #2

We're back with the latest insights and updates from the world of digital and contemporary art.


We're back with the latest insights and updates from the world of digital and contemporary art. This issue of the Fakewhale Newsletter brings you curated highlights, exclusive gallery news, and a glimpse of what's ahead in the Fakewhale ecosystem. Let's get started!

Last week Fakewhale presented Lorna Mills’ Fakewhale Solos series “Ministers Baby pt. 3”

Ministers Baby pt.3 by Lorna Mills, Fakewhale Solo Series

“Ministers Baby” originally began as a response to pressing societal issues, with its inception marked by a piece created for Refraction Miami 2023. Mills had initially discovered the inspiration for this series years earlier in the form of a GIF — a GIF remained contextless until the significant societal shift brought about by the overturning of Roe v. Wade, which provided the impetus for its thematic focus.

The single 1/1 piece of the series, “Ministers Baby pt.3” — currently listed at 5,000 xtz on objkt.com — captures a woman articulating a word in Sign Language within a meticulously crafted GIF that loops through 20 frames at a resolution of 1080×1080 — each iteration of the loop prompting a deeper understanding and reevaluation of the sign, emphasizing the fluidity and layered meanings inherent in non-verbal communication.

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This week, on Wednesday, May 15th, Fakewhale Solo Series is set to unveil "Cathédrales Modernes" by Chepertom — a series that explores the transitory moments captured through aerial views of commercial harbors of Anvers, transformed into a canvas of glitch textures.

Cathédrales Modernes by Chepertom, Fakewhale Solo Series, Installation view

Last week the ART MARKET was on fire with a lot of fresh additions, some of which are still available so be sure to check out this week's recap to ensure you don't miss out on any works.


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Jesse Draxler, Good Artists Do Bad Things Curated by Achille Lauro, Milan

“Good Artists Do Bad Things”, a solo exhibition by Jesse Draxler curated by Achille Lauro, explores the deep connections between underground cultures and mainstream success, revealing the hidden origins of street art, often considered the creative bedrock of major music genres.

GOOD ARTISTS DO BAD THINGS Installation view, Milan

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This week ICONS highlighted the work of Swiss sound and visual artist Zimoun, who repurposes commonplace industrial items into complex sound installations balancing meticulous order with dynamic chaos for a deeper appreciation of sound, space, and the inherent unpredictability of the natural world.

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In conversation with Fakewhale, art producer, curator and co-founder of Foundry Giuseppe Moscatello shares the highlights of his journey into the art world—from his formative years in Rome to his pioneering projects today.

Giuseppe Moscatello, Portrait


That’s a wrap for this week, but stay connected and tune in for next week’s issue!