Fakewhale Newsletter Issue #1

Welcome to the first issue of the Fakewhale Newsletter!

Welcome to the first issue of the Fakewhale Newsletter!

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Fakewhale Gallery Updates: you’ll be the first to know about upcoming news and releases from the Fakewhale Gallery, featuring highlights from the ART MARKET and our Fakewhale Solo Series.

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Let’s get into it!

Woc’s 1/1  MF, part of his April Fakewhale Solo Series “Code of the Streets” sold-out.

On Wednesday, May 8th, Fakewhale proudly presents “Ministers Baby pt. 3”, a Fakewhale Solo Series release by Lorna Mills.

Constituting of a single, symbolic piece for this exhibition priced at 5,000 xtz, “Ministers Baby pt. 3” marks the continuation of Lorna Mills’ thought-provoking series that captures the powerful interplay between digital art and significant societal conversations.

ART MARKET, Fakewhale Gallery’s ongoing, on-chain exhibition on objkt.com, continues to affirm its foundational expectations week after week.

In case you missed it, check out the latest ART MARKET weekly recap…


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ICONS spotlights the foundational figures of contemporary art, emphasizing their critical role in the ongoing dialogue between digital and contemporary artistic practices.

This week spotlighted Marina Abramović and Steven Parrino.


Artist: Emmanuel Van der Auwera

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Artist: Mathis Altmann

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